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If you’re an employer requiring Milwaukee, WI, criminal background checks for existing or prospective employees, you’ll find the professional services you need at the firm of Private Investigation Inc. of WI. We’ve helped local employers validate the applications submitted by their employees for more than a decade. Our firm also educates business owners on why this is a vital step in providing workplace security and protecting your business from potential problems and liabilities.

We help provide the factual information you need to make the best hiring decisions. In addition, there are ways we can provide forms of protection for your business accounting or inventory. Our professional investigators are able to:

  • Provide more detailed background and resume checks
  • Conduct business surveillance
  • Review issues of general corporate fraud

Private Investigation Inc. of WI is highly experienced in all aspects of corporate investigative work. Our firm responds quickly to all client queries and requests for Milwaukee, WI, criminal background checks. We maintain flexible hours that allow us to meet your schedule and priorities, so call today.

Criminal Background Checks

A background check can save you from a stressful trauma, financial damages, valuables, Your family pain and suffering and most important of all, “your own life”.